Acute PkLA1616+
Analyseur logique USB

  • Interface: USB
  • OS: Win

16 Kanal 400MHz, USB Logikanalysator

Der PkLA-1616+ ist ein USB Logikanalysator mit 400 MHz Hochgeschwindigkeits- Laufzeitmessung, 100MHz Zustandsanalyse, bis zu 16 Kanäle, 1MB Speichertiefe pro Kanal; USB Interface, somit kein Netzteil erforderlich.


  • 1x PKLA-1000 mainframe
  • 1x Signal connector/1x16 color line
  • 1x Ground line/black 1x2 line with red mark
  • 18x Probe(Black)
  • 1x USB A-B Cable (1.8m)
  • Installation CD
  • Manual
  • Pocket-LA wallet

Acute PkLA1616+
Analyseur logique USB

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  • Interface: USB
  • OS: Win

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Sampling rate400MHz
State Analysis (External Clock)100MHz
Band Width75MHz
Storage Depth/Channel1M bits
Total RAM Size16M bits
Trigger ConditionPattern & Edge
Flexible Trigger OptionsYes
Variable Input ThresholdYes
Threshold Range-7.2V to +6.8V
Threshold Accuracy± 55mV
Maximum Input Voltage± 30V
Variable pre-post- Trigger Buffer< 2ns
Data SkewYes
Powered by USB PortYes, 5V
Operating SystemWindows
Dimensions (LxWxH)117x72x20mm


OverviewYou can apply the Pocket-LA to capture many complex signals for circuit debugging. The Pocket-LA is also a good tuitional tool that assists students to understand digital timing relationship. Testing report and captured waveforms are easy saved for post management.

Save it to a Text file for your further analysis, or to a BMP file for comparison with other waveforms, or email to your partners for co-work.The Pocket-LA has a very good Windows UI. LA-viewer can execute in Win98/ME/2000/XP, The multi-thread feature allows your test object working with Pocket-LA in one PC.

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