Total Phase A2B Adapter Board
Bus Monitoring

Monitor and Interact with A2B Systems

The A2B Adapter Board provides two independent AD2425-based A2B nodes that can be used to monitor or interact with A2B systems. The A2B Adapter Board is designed for use with a Promira Serial Platform running the A2B Bus Monitoring Application.


  • 1 x A2B Adapter Board

Total Phase A2B Adapter Board
Bus Monitoring

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REACH, RoHS, China RoHSYes
ManufacturingISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100C
Warranty1 year
Dimensions (W x D x L)122 x 96 x 20 (mm)
Operating Temperature10°C - 35°C


Key Features
  • Two AD2425-based A2B nodes
  • 1 passive only node for bus monitoring
  • 1 passive/active node for bus monitoring or active simulation as a master or slave node
Configurable functionalityThe A2B Adapter Board has configurable functionality. One node is designed to operate as only a bus monitor. The other node is designed to operate as either a passive bus monitor or a active simulator. The various interface ports (e.g. I2S and I2C) are presented via a number of headers to connect to control systems. The A2B nodes’ A and B ports are presented as Mini50 ports. A2B Cables with the Mini50 connector are sold separately to connect to an A2B system.

The A2B Adapter Board can be used with the A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application on the Promira® Serial Platform to passively monitor an A2B system. For custom systems, the A2B Adapter Board can be used in conjunction with other Total Phase products to create custom functionality

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