Janatek LA-Logic 16
PC Logic Analyzer

art : LA-Logic-16

16 Channel, 200 MHz Logic Analyzer

The LA-Logic-16 is a small, but very capable and professional PC Based Logic Analyzer. It is able to capture at 200MHz on its 16 Channels simultaneously. The software is mature and allows easy and intuitive interfacing to the instrument. The LA-Logic-16 interfaces to the PC via the USB port.

What's included

  • The Logic-16 main unit
  • USB cable
  • 16x test probes with ground leads
  • Hardcopy of User's manual
  • Software+ Manual (CD-Rom)

Janatek LA-Logic 16
PC Logic Analyzer

art : LA-Logic-16

€ 588
excl VAT

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More information


Maximum sampling rate200 MHz
Channels 16
Samples/channel1 Meg
Flexible trigger optionsYes
External clock inputYes
Extended capture timeYes
Variable input thresholdYes
Variable pre-/post trigger buffer sizesYes
Digital logger capabilitiesYes
External Power SupplyNo external power needed
Operating SystemWindows
CE qualifiedYes
Warranty2 Years

Product information

Easy to useThe comprehensive software provides a friendly and easily manageable environment for the widespectrum of features. You can start meaningful measurements almost immediately after installing the software for the first time. Setting a trigger condition, capturing and navigating through the data, is a pleasure. The data may be viewed, saved and printed in various useful formats. If the Unit Under Test (UUT) is controlled by a PC, you do not require a second PC to run the logic analyzer software. Simply run your LA-Logic-16 and UUT software in different windows.
Flexible trigger
  • A trigger may be set to occur on a rising edge
  • falling edge
  • or change-of-state on any channel. It may also be set for a level (pattern) condition by specifying a "1"
  • "0" or "X" (don't care) condition on all channels. Combinations such as Edge OR Pattern
  • Edge AND Pattern
  • Edge THEN Pattern
  • Pattern THEN Edge
  • etc
  • may be set. A pattern duration may be specified. Triggering may then be set to occur should the pattern be shorter (glitch capture) or longer than the set duration. During unconditionally continuous capture the screen updates at regular intervals. Continuous capture may be combined with a trigger condition. In this case the screen will update only when the condition is met. This is very useful for viewing continuously changing data
  • which cannot be viewed with simple regular screen updates: e.g. data on a serial line. By setting a condition you can view continuous screen updates
  • with the data nicely placed in the middle of the screen
  • where you can watch the data bits flipping.
Pattern Generator
  • The pattern generator adds a new dimension to debugging possibilities. The 16-channel pattern generator can output data at rates up to 20 Mega-Patterns/second. The output pattern can be specified to come from a user file or from the easy to use 'Pattern Editor'. The La-Logic-16 operates as either a Logic analyzer or pattern generator.

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