Dediprog SPI 127 WSON008 060080 02BPC

For SPI Flash & EEPROM

Support programming SPI NOR and EEPROM.

The SPI Flash I/O (MOSI, CLK) of the Socket Adapter needs to be connected in series with a 4.7K pull-up resistor to VCC to program the EEPROM.

Because MOSI, CLK on the Socket Adaptor are connected with pull-up resistors, some SPI NOR Flash Chips use Quad IO, Dual IO, Single IO to program with a high failure rate(example: GD25LB64C/GD25LB128C).

Dediprog SPI 127 WSON008 060080 02BPC

art : SPI-127-WSON008-060080-02BPC
€ 160 excl. VAT
€ 200 incl. VAT

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