Janatek LA-Gold 36
USB Logic Analyzer | Pattern Gen

  • Interface: USB
  • OS: Win

32 Ch, 1 GHz USB LA & Pattern Gen.

The LA-Gold-36 combines two in one device, a sophisticated logic analyzer with a bit pattern generator. The testing of digital circuits has never been easier!

What's included

  • La-Gold-36 Unit
  • Aluminum Carry Case
  • 1x USB-PC Cable
  • 4 Sets of 8 x SMD Grabber Clips with ground leads
  • Manual (Hardcopy)
  • Software (CD-ROM)

Janatek LA-Gold 36
USB Logic Analyzer | Pattern Gen

  • Interface: USB
  • OS: Win

art : LA-GOLD-36
€ 100
excl VAT

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More information


Maximum sampling rate1 GHz
Channels 32
Input bandwidthMore than 100 MHz
Samples/channel1 Meg
Pattern generator8-bit
Input bandwidth100 MHz
Input impedance1MOhm/4pF
Maximum channel input Voltage-60V to +60V
Independent variable thresholds4
Digital loggerYes
Versatile triggering options, including glitch captureYes
External clock inputYes
Extended capture time functionYes
Quality SMD grabber test clipsIncluded
Host ConnectionHigh speed USB 2.0
External Power SupplyNo external power needed
Operating SystemWindows
Warranty2 Year

Product information

OverviewThe LA-Gold-36 is a high performance logic analyzer with an integrated pattern generator. It was designed to be of superior technical quality to ensure measurements of excellent signal integrity. With class-leading specifications, it offers a comprehensive digital debugging environment for the electronics professional.
Logic analyzer
  • A maximum sampling rate of 1 GHz is available on all channels. The LA-Gold-36 has a large data buffer of 1 Mega samples per channel for sampling rates of up to 500 MHz on all 32 channels. The large buffer allows long capture times at high sampling rates. The digital logger function is for capturing very slow varying signals
  • e.g. room temperature. The LA-Gold-36’s integrated pattern generator can be used in conjunction with the logic analyzer. The user can set up the instrument to output data to the unit under test (UUT) with the pattern generator and then measure its response with the logic analyzer. This
  • and other flexible triggering options for both the logic analyzer and pattern generator functions
  • makes the LA-Gold-36 a cut above the rest.
Pattern generator
  • he pattern generator
  • working in close combination with the logic analyzer
  • adds a new dimension to debugging possibilities. The 8-channel pattern generator can output data at rates up to 50 MHz. The output pattern can be specified to come from a user file or from the ’Pattern Editor’. It can be started on various conditions. It can
  • for example
  • start on a specific condition in the logic analyzer input signals
  • similar to a logic analyzer trigger condition. The outputs of the pattern generator can act as inputs to the unit under test. The response from the unit under test can then be used to trigger the logic analyzer. The LA-Gold-36 connects to the PC via USB2.0 for rapid display updates.

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