Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor Level 1
Promira Platform

  • OS: Linux, Mac, Win
  • Protocol: A2B, I2S

Sniff A2B Data in Real-Time

Total Phase’s A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application provides unprecedented access to the A2B system. By attaching the A2B Adapter Board in-line between A2B nodes, the A2B monitor can non-intrusively sniff A2B data on the line, giving you a real-time view into A2B traffic on the bus. A2B superframes are decoded and disassembled into I2S/TDM audio data and I2C control data for easy debugging. Additionally, full reporting on Interrupts and GPIO handshakes are correlated into the data capture.

What's included

  • 1 x A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application
  • 1 x A2B Adapter Board
  • 1 x 34-pin: 34-pin Header Cable 40 mm
  • 2 x A2B Test Cables 1 meter (Mini-50 to tinned ends)

Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor Level 1
Promira Platform

  • OS: Linux, Mac, Win
  • Protocol: A2B, I2S

art : TP604010
€ 1 399 excl. VAT
€ 1 749 incl. VAT

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More information


REACH, RoHS, China RoHSYes
ManufacturingISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100C
Warranty1 year
Dimensions (W x D x L)122 x 96 x 20 (mm)
Operating Temperature10°C - 35°C

Product information

Multiple ways of viewing A2BThe A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application provides multiple ways of viewing the (A2B) data. Besides the traditional Bus Data view, the application also offers a Node Topology view and an Audio Channels view. The Node Topology view allows quick visualization of all nodes on the (A2B) bus. Users can display and export all node configuration settings to validate node initialization.
Diagnose audio channel problemsThe Audio Channels view allows users to diagnose audio channel problems. Real-time audio levels for all upstream and downstream channels are displayed and audio for multiple upstream or downstream channels can be mixed and monitored simultaneously to quickly identify I2S/TDM data slot mismatch problems. Audio data can be exported to a file for further analysis using audio analysis software.
Requires Promira Serial PlatformThe A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application requires the Promira® Serial Platform and takes advantage of its high performance serial data communications over USB or Ethernet. Data capture and analysis happens on the device, which allows for remote data capture and later review. The A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application is a compact solution excellent for bench top prototyping and in-vehicle field testing.
Key Features
  • Real-time capture of A2B bus data
  • A2B superframe decoding
  • Node discovery and initialization tracking
  • Node topology and configuration view
  • Monitor I2C data
  • Monitor GPIO signaling
  • Monitor Interrupt events
  • Monitor TDM/I2S audio data (up to 14 channels upstream and 14 channels downstream)
  • A2B superframe error decoding
  • Live upstream and downstream audio levels
  • Play multi-channel live audio simultaneously
  • Export multi-channel audio to WAV
Web-based interface
  • No software installation required
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X support
  • Works on tablets and mobile devices
Built on Promira Serial Platform
  • Easy software upgrades
  • Product extensibility
  • Ethernet/USB connectivity
  • Remotely accessible
  • Web socket API for platform/language agnostic integration
  • Easy integration into test and validation systems

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