We ask ourselves: do we continue to grow organically and do what we’ve always done? Or grow faster by adding more products and resources now that everything and everybody are turning online?

That's why The LAB eShop for electronic professionals in Europe is looking for partners. Are you that company?

We have 15 years experience of successful online sales using a state-of-the-art webshop in combination with effective deliveries, good support and custom CRM e-marketing tools. As a result, The LAB eShop is a preferred supplier to many of the large electronic companies in Europe with a large user base among high-level engineers and project managers.

The LAB eShop in a nutshell:

  • State-of-the-art B2B Shopify web shop
  • Built-in unique AutoQuote and MyShipper functions
  • Multi language (EN, DE, FR) and multi currency support
  • Integrated Hubspot CRM e-marketing platform run by specialists
  • Local 3PL warehousing for fast EU deliveries and export globally outside the EU
  • Invoicing (companies), credit card payment and pre-payment (professional consumers) 


Your company is probably already selling products to electronic engineers and/or want to grow in this area and have the manpower and resources. But lack the time to build a strong brand online presence with effective volume sales/deliveries backed by an advanced e-communicating platform for strong marketing and support.

All that costs a fortune to develop and a long time to build up. We know. We've been there. So here is the simple idea- we partner up! And together we create synergy value with 1+1=3.

We know the timing to expand online is absolutely right as everything has turned digital. Sales, marketing and branding for sure but also the communication process with customers, potential new users and large re-seller networks.

So are you the company we are looking for? Either based in Scandinavia (in Sweden like us) or in any major European country. The digital world knows no boundaries. All of electronic Europe is our primary target market with export to global companies around the world.

Interested in partner up with The LAB eShop?

Send us an email and we'll get the discussion started.