Phyton CPI2-ACI

The CPI2-ACI Application Control Interface License is a hardware-locked type of license that enables the following premium features of the ChipProg-02 software package:

Phyton CPI2-ACI

art : CPI2-ACI
€ 215 ohne MwSt
€ 269 inkl. MwSt

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Using the ChipProg Software Development Kit named "Application Control Interface" (ACI) to control the programmers from other applications.

ACI enables full programmatic control of the device programming process: access to the device memory, loading files and projects, setting programming options, launching programming operations, etc. ACI may be used in both single-site and gang modes to control each programming site individually.

  • Controlling the programmers from the National Instruments LabVIEW shell.

The ACI package includes usage examples in C/C++, C# and Visual Basic. You can try ACI without purchasing it, because ACI is available whenever programmer executable is started in Demo mode.

  • Controlling the programmers on-the-fly with special utility named OFControl.exe.

OFControl.exe is a small, easy-to-use console application that automates and speeds up device programming. Use of this utility does not require programming skills. OFControl.exe accepts a set of command line options to control a programmer that has been already launched and is running, without restarting it. With OFControl.exe you can instruct the programmer to set device type, change programming options, load files and projects, launch device programming operations, etc. OFControl.exe may be launched multiple times on the same programmer, performing operations in a loop.

  • Note that the basic ChipProg-02 software package included in the CPI2-B1 kit provides command line and GUI controls only but it does not enable the premium options above.

  • Each purchased CPI2-ACI license unlocks a single CPI2-B1 hardware. Unlocking multiple CPI2-B1 programmers requires purchasing additional CPI2-ACI licenses. For example
  • for a 4-site programming cluster comprised of four CPI2-B1 programmers
  • one has to buy four CPI2-ACI licenses and activate each of them in a certain CPI2-B1 programmer.

  • A CPI2-ACI license can be purchased together with a programmer
  • or at a later time. To activate a license an activation request has to be sent to Phyton. We will return to a licensee an activation code to be entered in a certain field of ChipProg2 software License Manager. This will modify the CPI2-B1 programmer's firmware and tie the license to the programmer hardware.

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