Mini CAN Data Logger

  • Interface: CAN, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: CAN

Konfigurierbarer CAN Daten Logger

Der CAN-MINI-DATENLOGGER II ist ein autonomer, extrem robuster, frei konfigurierbarer, automotive tauglicher Datenlogger und Datentracer zur Offline Aufzeichnung bzw. zur Online Visualisierung des Datenverkehrs in CAN-Systemen bis 1MBaud.


  • CAN-Mini-Datenlogger II
  • 16 MByte memory
  • USB download cable
  • PC configuration
  • Software on CD

Mini CAN Data Logger

  • Interface: CAN, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: CAN

art : CAN-MDL II
€ 329 ohne MwSt
€ 411 inkl. MwSt

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Adjustable CAN baud rateYes, up to 1MBaud
Supports standard and extended IDsYes
CAN bus fault loggingYes
configurable hardware ID filtersYes, 8
Memory16 Mbyte memory capacity (non-volatile)
Time stamp resolution100us
CAN wake-up supportYes
Automatic power down functionYes
Power supply7...24 Vdc
Power consumption< 0,20W (normal operation)
 < 0,01W (standby)
CAN baudrateup to 1MBaud
Dimensions60 x 34 x 16 mm
Temperature range-20°C ... +85°C
Memory capacity16 MByte


  • Memory organization: linear / ring buffer
  • Extra-rugged aluminium enclosure
  • LED operating status display
  • Automatic power down function
  • Startup in milliseconds
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Developed and produced in Germany
  • 10BIT ADC input, configurable for analogue value logging and value monitoring
  • Configurable sampling instant, SJW, BTL
  • Logs time stamps with 100us resolution
  • Online trace (optional)
  • Configuration and data download via USB 1.1
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Supports CAN wake-up
  • Switching input for setting event markers
  • Pre-programmed unique device ID
  • Extended input voltage range up to 24V
  • Complies with e1 standard
  • Online/offline data evaluation with PST-Visualyzer
  • The device is suitable for automotive applications and has a memory capacity of 16 Mbyte. The CAN-MDL-2 is designed for mobile applications requiring continuous long-term data logging
  • but also for rapid PC-based online data analysis.
Low power
  • It features extremely low power consumption with automatic standby function
  • high memory capacity and ease of use. Every telegram received is given a 100us-precise time stamp for evaluation of the CAN bus time behaviour.
  • The CAN-MDL-2 has 8 configurable CAN ID filters enabling relevant telegrams to be filtered out during logging. Further inputs enable synchronous integration of event markers or analogue measurement values into the data log.

The sophisticated power supply design of the CAN-MDL-2 renders it largely immune to temporary data loss from power outages such as may occur when a vehicle is started. An easy-to-use Windows-compatible software tool is supplied for configuration (CAN parameters, filters etc.) and transmission of logged data to be effected via USB.
  • Activation/testing of control devices in development, production and service environments
  • Sending user-configured telegrams in vehicle CAN systems or industrial environments
  • CAN system test with deliberately generated disturbance data
  • ECU emulation
  • Independent software for configuration (PST-Loggerkonfigurator) and data evaluation / tracing (PST-Visualyser)
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Configurable data view setting in PST-Visualyser
  • Versatile filter options
  • DLL available (for integration of CAN-MINI Data Logger II into own
  • application software)

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