PST CAN Power Gateway PRO
Unité de contrôle

  • Interface: RS232
  • Protocol: CAN

Konfigurierbares CAN Steuergerät

Der CAN Power Gateways PRO ist eine Steuereinheit die eine beliebige Anzahl von CAN-Bus-Nachrichten mit bis zu 12 Leistungsausgängen verknüpfen kann.


  • CAN Power Gateway Pro
  • Jack housing and crimp contacts
  • Program interface
  • Cable
  • Software on CD

PST CAN Power Gateway PRO
Unité de contrôle

  • Interface: RS232
  • Protocol: CAN

art : CAN-PWG-Pro
€ 249 ohne MwSt
€ 311 inkl. MwSt

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Power supply (Input Voltage)7...16V DC (24V DC)
Protection (all inputs / outputs)Overvoltage-, overload- and reverse polarity protected
Power consumption< 0,4 W (Normal run without load)
 < 2,5 mW (Standby)
CAN-BaudrateUp to 1 Mbaud (Std. / Ext. ID)
Dimensions (L*W*H)66 * 56 * 20 [mm]
Temperature range-40°C ... +85°C
Outputs: 2 x HS/LS (2 x PWM)
 10 x LS* (4 x PWM, 1 x pulse)
PWM-outputs - Frequence2Hz – 20kHz
PWM-outputs - ResolutionBetter 0,1%
Pulse output0 – 20kHz
Output current0,2A (Low Side Treiber, typical)
 0,2A (High Side Treiber, typical


  • The CAN-Power-Gateway-PRO is a control device linking conventionally controlled devices and actors with a CAN bus. It has 12 high-performance outputs which can be controlled by any CAN bus messages. The outputs are freely configurable
  • enabling special applications for automotive and industrial technology - even those for which proprietary solutions are as yet unavailable - to be realized easily. Alternatively
  • up to 6 connections can be configured as a PWM output and a further connection as a pulsed output for quasi-analogue signals (e.g. speed or route signals).

The RS232 interface permits configuration to be performed easily on a PC and enables serial use settings to be read / copied.
  • Supports up to 1MBit data rate
  • 12 high-performance outputs
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Automatic power down and wake-up function
  • Developed and produced in Germany
  • Protection against undervoltage and overvoltage customary in vehicles
  • CAN Open compatible
  • Short-circuit-proof and reverse polarity protected
  • Minimum standby current drain
  • Extended input voltage range up to 24V
  • E1 type approval
  • CAN connection of vehicle accessories
  • Diagnosis and testing of specific CAN message content
  • CAN signal outputs in industrial plants
  • Wheel impulse generator
  • Analogue instrument control (pressure / temperature displays)
  • Drive controllers
  • Discrete output of selected CAN object content for special applications
  • Extensive range of configuration options
  • Adjustable PWM frequency 2Hz-20kHz
  • Versatile filter options for CAN objects
  • Intuitive operation

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