En ligne | USB

  • Interface: RS232, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: RS232

Online RS232 Data Logger - USB

Der RS232-MINI-DATENLOGGER II ist ein universell einsetzbares, leistungsfähiges Entwicklungs- und Test-Werkzeug zur Online-Aufzeichnung und Visualisierung von asynchron seriellen RS232 Datenströmen über eine USB Schnittstelle.
Die mitgelieferte PST-Visualyser (RS232) PC-Software ermöglicht eine schnelle, komfortable Daten Anzeige und - Auswertung.


  • RS232 Tracer II
  • USB cable
  • PC Visualyzer software
  • Manuals on CD

En ligne | USB

  • Interface: RS232, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: RS232

art : RS232-MDL_II
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Channels2 x Rx (parallel recording of Rx/Tx-connection)
Baud rate00 – 230.400 baud
Word length5 - 8 bits
Parityone, even, odd, mark, space
Stop bits1, 2
Time stamp100 µs resolution
Analog input0-16 volt, resolution 10 bit
 Sampling interval configurable 10ms–655s
 Separately activatable average determination
Temperature range-20°C to +85°C
Dimensions (L*W*H)60 * 34 * 16 mm
Supported operating systemsWindows


  • Data transmission to PC via USB 2.0 (Full speed)
  • All interface parameters can be configured
  • Real-time logging irrespective of operating system limitations
  • 10BIT ADC input, configurable for analogue value logging and threshold value monitoring
  • Trigger input for event triggerd recording
  • Over- and under-voltage protected
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Developed and produced in Germany
  • Baud rates up to 230,4 kBaud adjustable
  • Detects and logs transmission faults
  • Time stamp for each individual data byte at 100µs resolution
  • Button input to log special events
  • No additional power supply required
  • LED operating status display
  • Compact design, low weight
OverviewThe device was designed for logging bidirectional communication processes. The RS232-MINI-DATENLOGGER II comprises two trace channels for which parameters can be independently configured.
Real-timeThe RS232-MINI-DATENLOGGER II is superior to purely software-based solutions because it transfers real-time tasks (data logging, time stamp generation etc.) to dedicated hardware components, delivering maximum flexibility and top performance.
SoftwareIt is supplied with "PST-Visualyser (RS232)" PC software for rapid, convenient display and evaluation of data. PST-Visualyser enables largely free configuration of the display view and data format for rapid alignment to the situation without changes to the original data and retaining the full content of the information at all times.
  • Reverse engineering of interface protocols
  • Measurement data monitoring
  • Online data recording in industry applications
  • Transmission fault analysis
  • Long-term data logging
  • Development tool for new data protocols
SW features
  • High-performance PC evaluation software
  • Configurable data visualization
  • Synchronous data stream display in a new window, irrespective of the format selected
  • Channel-dependent configurable block formation(e.g. for STX/ETX communication)
  • Adjustable filter function
  • Simple measurement of time differences between any data bytes
  • Convenient search function
  • Comprehensive formating options for saving recorded data
  • Absolute and relative time stamps

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