PST UNI CAN Data Generator I

  • Interface: CAN, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: CAN

Stand-alone CAN Data Generator

Der UNI-DATA CAN Generator ist ein frei konfigurierbare CAN-Daten-Generator für den Einsatz in Service, Entwicklung und Produktion. Er zeichnet sich durch einfache Bedienung und eine breite Palette an Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten aus


  • Transport case
  • USB-cable
  • PC-configuration software and manuals on CD

PST UNI CAN Data Generator I

  • Interface: CAN, USB
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: CAN

art : UDG-CAN_I
€ 319 ohne MwSt
€ 399 inkl. MwSt

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Battery2 x AA ("Mignon")
Extern (alternative)7...24V DC
Power Consumption< 1,0 W (operation)
< 1 mW (standby)
CAN-BaudrateUp to 1MBaud (HighSpeed)
Dimensions (L*B*H)112 * 65 * 28 mm
WeightApprox. 170g (incl. battery)
Temperature Range0°C ... +70°C


OverviewTransmission of CAN-Sequences can be triggered by key press, cyclical by time or on reception of user defined CAN messages.

Switchable termination resistors support both low-speed and high-speed CAN systems up to 1Mbaud. Cyclic, keyboard or event-controlled sending of CAN telegrams, which can be individual messages or sequences of multiple messages.

Any CAN messages can be assigned to each key. A total of 9 freely programmable keys in four levels are available, each with its own configurable function indicator lamp and the option of assigning up to three sub-functions (press, release and continuous operation).

Configuration of the data generator (CAN parameters, data sets, repeat cycles etc.) is effected via USB connection using an intuitively operated Windows compatible software tool. A PC is not necessary for operation with a CAN system.
  • 36 configurable send keys (9 keys in 4 levels)
  • Autonomous operation in CAN application, no need for PC
  • Supports low-speed / high-speed CAN up to 1MBaud
  • Compact device in ergonomic housing
  • Switchable termination resistors
  • Dedicated programmable function LED for each key
  • LED status display for Rx, Tx, CAN fault etc.
  • Rechargeable batteries (2x AA) or external supply 7-24 volts
  • Convenient PC-based configuration software
  • Non-volatile configuration memory
  • Adjustable edge steepness of CAN signal
  • CAN sequence transmission (active / passive / key controlled)
  • Configuration upload via USB
  • Supports standard and extended IDs and remote frames
  • Activation/testing of control devices in development, production and service environments
  • Sending user-configured telegrams in vehicle CAN systems or industrial environments
  • CAN system test with deliberately generated disturbance data
  • ECU emulation
  • Easy operation with graphic user interface
  • Wide range of configuration options (CAN bus parameters, cyclic messages, response messages)
  • Various CAN messages can be assigned to the keys
  • Configurations can rapidly be copied to further UNI data generators

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