Siglent CP6030
40 Mhz 30A RMS Current Probe

Measure High-Frequency AC & DC Current

CP5030A is a probe capable of measuring high-frequency AC and DC currents.

Siglent CP6030
40 Mhz 30A RMS Current Probe

art : CP6030
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€ 2 600 inkl. MwSt

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Rise time7nS
Max.effective value of AC30 Arms
Peak-Peak Value50 A
Range5A(1X) 30A(10X)
Overload Value5A(5A) 30A(50A)
Current Transfer Ratio5A(1V/A) 30A(0.1V/A)
Measurement Resolution5A(1mA) 30A(10mA)
DC Accuracy5A(±1%±1mA) 30A(±1%±10mA)
Power SupplyDC 12V/1.2A
Max. rated voltage to earth300V CAT III
Conductor Diameter Max.5mm
Cable Length200cm


  • High bandwidth, to capture the current waveform quickly and accurately
  • High precision, in the current accuracy of up to 1 %
  • Two measurement ranges
  • Automatically degaussing zero function
  • Sound and light over-current alarm
  • Electronic touch button design

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