SMH FlashRunner 2.0 Technology
16 Parallel ISP Programmers

  • Devices: Flash
  • Interface: LAN, USB 2.0, USB2
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: BDM, I2C, JTAG, SPI

Fast ISP Programmer

FlashRunner 2.0 is the most innovative In-System parallel programmer for 8, 16 and 32bit based micro controllers and serial memories. It implements the most innovative cutting-edge technology that features 16 independent parallel programming channels; this product, thanks to its flexibility, is specifically designed to program multi-PCB panels assemblies and highly structured boards with several devices mounted on. The user friendly new FR2.0 WorkBench GUI allows to configure the system in few clicks, ensuring rapid time-to-production.


  • FlashRunner 2.0 Programmer
  • Power supply
  • Lan cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty

SMH FlashRunner 2.0 Technology
16 Parallel ISP Programmers

  • Devices: Flash
  • Interface: LAN, USB 2.0, USB2
  • OS: Win
  • Protocol: BDM, I2C, JTAG, SPI

art : FR2P0-CH04

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Programming sites16 independent, parallel, managed by 800MHz dual core SoC
Power supplying featuresVPROG0: 1.65V - 5.5V
 VPROG1: 5V - 14V
ProtocolsUART, JTAG, SPI, I2C, BDM, SWD etc...
Relay barrierControl interface which manages external board
Communication frequencyUp to 30MHz
Dynamic memory1 Gbyte DDR RAM
Digital lines8 for each channel
Host interfacesEthernet LAN 10/100 Mbit/sec, USB-Control
LoggingVia on-board timekeeper and calendar for time-stamped log files
DimensionsWith slave board: 170 x 83 x 19 mm
 Without slave board: 170 x 83 x 30 mm
LEDsOperation status LED for each channel
ISP connectorDIN41612
Voltage read/trimYes
Current read/trimYes
FlashRunner power supply range9V - 14V


Why FlashRunnerFlashRunner 2.0, thanks to its new cutting-edge technology, is the fastest and most reliable programmer in the market that can program in parallel up to 16 different devices.
Hardware Features
  • Up to 5.000+ device support, with daily updates
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, UART, and many others)
  • 16 parallel and indipendent programming channels
  • Compact design for easy ATE integration
  • Programming voltage / current measure and trimming for each channel
  • Up to 30 Mhz communication frequency
  • Ethernet LAN / USB host interface, optoisolated
  • Standalone mode via control interface connector
  • Relay barrier control interface
Software FeaturesFlashRunner 2.0 is based on Linux Embedded operating system, which relays on a real time scheduler and a full featured hardware abstraction layer.

FlashRunner 2.0 is featured with software interfacing libraries which enables customers to achieve a full integration inside their software and across different frameworks, as LabView© and Visual C/C++.

A new, friendly and interactive GUI (Graphic User Interface) which cut off overall configuration efforts, guiding customers creating a working project in few mouse clicks and detecting mismatches between target device and customer firmware, as well as power supply setup.

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