SystemBase CS-428/9AT - ISO2
Isolierter Serieller Konverter

  • Interface: RS422, RS485

Der Welt kleinste RS232 Wandler

Der CS-428 9AT- Mini wandelt RS232 Signale in RS422 oder RS485 um. Der Wandler arbeitet ohne Zusätzliche Software Installation. Die Einstellung ob RS422 oder RS485 verwendet wird erfolgt per DIP Schalter, somit ist das Produkt auch kompatible mit dem seriellen COM Anschluss von PCs.


  • 1 x CS-428/9AT - ISO
  • 1 x users Manual

SystemBase CS-428/9AT - ISO2
Isolierter Serieller Konverter

  • Interface: RS422, RS485

art : CS-428/9AT_ISO2
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ModeAsynchronous serial communication
SpeedUp to 230.4 Kbps
DistanceMax. 1.2Km @115.2Kbps,24AWG twisted pair cable
ConnectorRS232 : DB9 Female (Male : optional) RS422/485 : Terminal Block 5P
SignalTXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND for RS232
Protection15KV Surge Protection for all signals
Data Bits5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bits1, 1.5, 2
ParityNone, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
RS422 modePoint-to-Point, Multi-Drop
RS485 modeEcho, Non-Echo
RTS ControlCS-428/9AT -ISO: Auto Toggling
SwitchCS-428/9AT -ISO : RS422/485 mode switch
Power Input7~12VDC
Power Consumption0.4W (33mA@12V)
LEDPower, TX, RX
Dimensions74(L)x37(W)x19(H)mm – 2.91(L)x1.45(W)x.75(H)in
Weight33g – .07 lbs
EnclosurePlastic (Blue Color)
Operating Temp0-55C
Storage Temp-20-70C
Humidity5 - 95% Non-Condensing
TypeCE Class A, FCC Class A, RoHS Compliant


  • 2.5KV high performance Optical Isolation
  • Communicates up to 1.2Km
  • Fully compatible with PC serial COM ports
  • Requires the use of external DC power supply (7~12V)
  • Support Max 230.4Kbps transfer speed
  • Communication status can be monitored through LEDs
  • DIP Switch for RS422/485 mode
  • Female DB9 Connector (RS232) and 5 Pin Terminal Block (RS422/485)
  • Max. 10 Device Connectivity for RS422 Multi-Drop Mode
  • Max. 32 Device Connectivity for RS485 Mode
The CS-428/9AT ISO Opto-Isolation protects up to DC 2.5KV between RS232 and RS422, RS485 sides. Opto-Isolation perfectly isolates two endpoints so devices are protected from unfavourable electrical conditions such as ground potential differences, lightning and line interference. This results in more stable and reliable communications.
What is Isolation?
When an electrical shock caused by power or ground is passed on to the system it can cause severe, if not irrecoverable damage. This can be prevented by using Opto-Isolation. In addition, isolation has other benefits by reducing problems caused by signal distortion and signal line impedance matching.
Auto RTS Control (Auto Toggling)
The CS-428/9AT ISO has a built-in hardware feature that performs automatic toggling to prevent devices from sending data simultaneously. This operation is crucial when multiple devices are connected to prevent electrical collisions that lead to errors and unstable communications.
No additional software is required for operation. With an easily accessible DIP switch you can configure the interface for RS422 or RS485. The CS-428/9AT ISO has high performance 2.5KV Opto-Isolation to protect your equipment. The terminal block and DB9 connector make it simple to physically connect.

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