Total Phase eSPI Active Example Files - FREE

  • Protocol: eSPI

Use the "Download eSPI Example Files Link" to download this free of charge application that offers active mastering for eSPI for all Promira Serial Platform devices with: SPI Active Level 1 or SPI Active Level 2 or SPI Active Level 3.


  • Free software download via the link above

Total Phase eSPI Active Example Files - FREE

  • Protocol: eSPI

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Performance (I/O compatibility and clock speed supported) will be matched to your licensed SPI Active application level.

eSPI active functionality is only available on the Promira Serial Platform device with licensed SPI Active Applications.
Simulate & TestWith these files and the Promira API (link), you will be able to simulate an eSPI Master to test your eSPI slave design. The Rosetta Language Bindings let you program in your choice of: C/C++, C#, .NET, Python and Visual Basic.

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