Total Phase USB Micro B Power Adapter

USB Power for your Promira

This power adapter enables you to power your Promira Serial Platform directly from any wall outlet. This universal design provides connectivty to power outlet types A (mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan), C (mainly used in India), G (mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia & Singapore) and I (mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina).


  • Power Adapter
  • Type A Plug
  • Type C Plug
  • Type G Plug
  • Type I Plug

Total Phase USB Micro B Power Adapter

art : TP512010
€ 32 ohne MwSt
€ 40 inkl. MwSt

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Input Voltage90-264 VAC
Input Current< 0.3 A RMS max
Input Frequency47-63 HZ
Output Voltage5V
Maximum Power Out Power6 watts
Maximum Current Output1200 mA
Operating Temperature0°C – 40° C
Safety approvalUL60950-1, CUL TO 22.2 #60950-1, SIQ TO EN60950-1 2ND EDITION, CCC TO GB4943-2001, GB9254-1998, GB17625.12003, GOST-R CE CLASS II, AS/NZ TO 60950, C-TICK TO 55022, PSE TO J60950, CB REPORT, NRCAN
Ethernet Cat 5 cable350 MHz max data speed


For most applications, the standard 0.5 mA supplied by a standard USB 2.0 connection is sufficient to power your Promira Serial Platform. For certain higher speed applications, such as SPI Active - Level 2 Application, SPI Active - Level 3 Application, Quad I/O SPI functionality, and providing external power to your project, the Promira platform may require additional power. This power adapter provides up to 1.2 amps for your development, debugging and production needs.
RequiredThis adapter is required to power the Promira Serial Platform if you are using Ethernet for your data transmission.

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