PEmicro Cable CF Adapter
ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter

26-pin Synchronous ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter (Universal, Universal FX Only)

This 26-pin synchronous adapter has integrated electronics to synchronize the ColdFire debug communication signals to the PSTCLK signal generated from a ColdFire target.

This adapter may be used with PEmicro's Cyclone LC Universal and  Cyclone FX Universal in-system programmers, as well as Multilink and Multilink FX debug probes, to synchronize their asynchronous outputs. Synchronized debug communications signals are required for a few of the older ColdFire devices including the MCF5272 and MCF5206(E).

PEmicro Cable CF Adapter
ColdFire Ribbon Cable Adapter

€ 49 hors TVA
€ 61 incl. TVA

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