Trycom TRP-C37A

  • Interface: RS232, RS422, RS485

In addition to serial server function, The TRP-C37A is able to remote monitoring serial device. There are 2 modes to choose from:

  1. Automatic monitoring mode: The Serial device must be sends a single pulse to TRP-C37A continually per 30 seconds. If serial device do not send a single pulse over 30 seconds, the TRP-C37A  will be actives  the relay. 
  2. Manual mode: If the serial device need  to restart, user can feel free to set the relay enable through the TRP-C37 A web configuration.


  • Main unit (Power supply not included)
  • Software CD

Trycom TRP-C37A

  • Interface: RS232, RS422, RS485

€ 130 hors TVA
€ 163 incl. TVA

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Power input voltage
DC +10V to +30V
RS485 signal
Differential 2 half-duplex wires (DATA+, DATA-)
RS422 signalDifferential 4 full-duplex wires(TX+,RX+,TX-,RX-)
Data Rate
1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 921600 K bps
Data Bits
5, 6, 7 or 8
Stop Bits
1, 1.5 or 2
RS422/485 interface
Surge, over current, over voltage protection
Power supply
Screw terminal or DC jack
Power consumption12V/150mA
151(L)*75(W)*26(H) mm
Weight410g with packing

Information Produit

  • Automatic remote monitoring serial device
  • Automatic restart the serial device
  • Direct active the  relay by web based utility
  • Read the counter value and DI status from web based utility
  • Adjustable relay latch time from web page
  • Wide input range DC power supply
  • Power Input detection circuit
  • External watchdog function prevents system or power fail
  • Support Auto-MDIX twisted pair crossover detection and Auto-Correction
  • Maximum Connection 16 Client PC at Server Mode
  • Maximum 8 sets host IP that limits network access
  • Surge protection and over current and over voltage on RS-422/485 data lines

  • Support baud rate form1200~921600Kbps
  • Auto switching RS-232/422/485 signal interface
  • Virtual COM drivers for Windows
  • Virtual Com Support Server, Client, UDP mode
  • Fully compatible with Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol
  • Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Power/Link/RX/TX mode LED indicator
  • Heart Beat function ensures a reliable communicating connection
  • Auto Pair-mode when power or Ethernet fails
  • Back to factory by external switch
  • Support configuration by serial console. Update the firmware from LAN
  • Dual power input select from screw terminal or DC-jack

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