SystemBase CS-428/9AT Mini2
Mini RS232 | RS422 Wandler

  • Interface: RS232, RS422, RS485

Der Welt kleinste RS232 Wandler

Der CS-428 9AT- Mini wandelt RS232 Signale in RS422 oder RS485 um. Der Wandler arbeitet ohne Zusätzliche Software Installation. Die Einstellung ob RS422 oder RS485 verwendet wird erfolgt per DIP Schalter, somit ist das Produkt auch kompatible mit dem seriellen COM Anschluss von PCs.


  • 1 x main unit
  • 1 x user manual

SystemBase CS-428/9AT Mini2
Mini RS232 | RS422 Wandler

  • Interface: RS232, RS422, RS485

art : CS-428/9AT_Mini2
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SpeedUp to 115.2 kbps
DistanceMax. 1.2Km @115.2Kbps,24AWG twisted pair cable
Connectors- RS232 : DB9 Female (Male : optional)
- RS422/485 : Terminal Block 5P
SignalsTXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND for RS232
Protection15KV Surge Protection for all signals
Data Bits5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bits1, 1.5, 2
ParityNone, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
RS422 modePoint-to-Point, Multi-Drop
RS485 modeEcho, Non-Echo
RTS ControlCS-428/9AT : Auto Toggling
Switch- RS422/485 selection
- RS485 Echo/non-Echo selection
- RS422 Term. Resistor setting
- RS485 Term. Resistor setting
Operating Temp0 ~ 55°C (32~131°F)
Storage Temp-20~70°C (-4~158°F)
Humidity5 ~ 95% Non-Condensing


  • Smallest size in the world
  • Fully compatible with PC serial COM ports
  • No external power needed (uses non-polar T/B when operating with external power)
  • Enables the use of external DC power supply (7~12V) Built in Surge Protector
  • Auto Toggling by hardware (CS-428/9AT model only)
  • Communication status can be monitored through LEDs
  • Dip switch for selecting RS422/485 modes, Terminal Resistance and Echo mode
  • Max. 10 Device Connectivity for RS422 Multi-Drop Mode
  • Max. 32 Device Connectivity for RS485 Mode
Auto RTS Control (Auto Toggling)In a 1:N communication environment, it is undesirable that multiple devices send data at the same time, causing electrical collision that leads to an error. In order to prevent this, only one device needs to send data at a, time which means that data I/O control is necessary at certain points. CS-428/9AT-mini performs automatic toggling by hardware, saving extra programming work.
Using 4-Wire RS4854-Wire RS485 networking is the same as RS422 Multi-Drop networking. The RS422 device is used as master and the RS485 device as slave in a 4-Wire RS485 bus. Although RS422 and RS485 have different electrical standards, most manufacturers make ICs that use both the RS422 and the RS485 interface. Therefore, RS422 Multi-Drop and 4-Wire RS485 can be considered equal.

Although there can be a difference in software that controls them, our device can operate regardless of the application software. In this case, RS422 Multi-Drop mode setting is necessary.
What is RS485 Echo Mode?The RS485 Echo Mode enables the output signal line to function as the input signal line. With Echo Mode it is not necessary to read the echoed data to confirm whether the sent data crashes with another. Echo Mode is usually used for special purposes only. On CS-428/9AT all operations are controlled by hardware circuits, so no additional conditions are required by the application program.

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