Tools for Electronic Professionals in Europe

In Europe we live and work in many countries. We speak different languages and we have different cultures. But the high-tech electronic industry is international. Our company sites are often spread out and we share the same challenges.

So we have a need for professional tools and strong vendors we can trust to supply them. With strong support no matter what country. Fast. Friendly. Operating on European business hours.

That's why was founded in Sweden as an electronic tools webshop built for for Europe with multi-language support. Since the start over 10 years ago we have grown to become a preferred vendor to many large and mid-sized companies and consultancy professionals. Over 10,000 customers with products delivered to 47 countries including manufacturing sites in Asia. That’s what we do. That's who we are.
Europe map
Need a fast quote? AutoQuote provides instant reply over email. Want the bill sent to the office in Belgium- and the products delivered to sites in Germany and Malaysia? No problem. Your choice.