Acute BusFinder SD 4.1/uSD 4.1 (UHS-II) Option

  • Protocol: SD

SD4.1/uSD4.1 Protocol Analyzer option for BusFinder

  • Real-time data display, post-capture waveforms
  • Trigger for commands or data
  • Different active probes for different protocols for easier connections
  • Filter data to save more commands
  • Hide data for easy reading
  • Search data for quick finding
  • Statistics for commands and data
  • Two voltage detects to find design bugs from voltage drop
  • Use PC hard disk (SSD) to log long time data
  • Protocol monitor like dash camera for long time surveillance (months)
  • SW installed in base unit BF7264B

What's included

SD 4.1 Probe

  • 1x SD4.1-tip
  • 1x LA04 (B)-tip
  • 1x Micro USB 3.0

uSD 4.1 Probe 

  • 1x uSD4.1-tip
  • 1x LA04 (B)-tip
  • 1x Micro USB 3.0 

Acute BusFinder SD 4.1/uSD 4.1 (UHS-II) Option

  • Protocol: SD

art : SD4-1-Opt
€ 11 690 excl. VAT
€ 14 613 incl. VAT

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