At The LAB eShop we have a strong focus on reducing our impact on the environment. This is done by continuous improvement of our business practices and by working "smarter". We comply with the environmental laws and regulations in our region and the environmental policies of our suppliers.

Shipping of products is done through freight forwarders such as Swedish Posten and others. The transport industry in general and our selected shippers in particular have a special focus on working to reduce CO2 emissions. Many of our shipments in the North are transported in containers on trains. These were previously shipped by truck, but transferred to rail transport to reduce emissions and impact on the environment.

At The LAB eShop we sort our waste. In addition, we work continuously to reduce the use of paper. This is done by an increased proportion of electronic marketing, electronic brochures, invoices, order confirmations and delivery notes.

All plastics used by the LAB eShop are environmentally friendly, and can be recycled without releasing dangerous gases. The boxes we use are made of recycled fibre (collected waste).

Power Consumption
The LAB eShop has identified several areas of improvement where we have reduced the energy consumption in our warehouse and offices. By monitoring our power consumption, and by using timers to switch off some electrical appliances at night, we have reduced our energy consumption by 20-25%.

A greener LAB eShop!
We have identified a number of areas which we are actively working to improve, one of which is travel, and as a result we have installed an online conferencing system. We will in the near future continue working on reducing our carbon footprint, and we are committed to jointly create a greener “The LAB eShop”.