Acute BusFinder UFS2.1 Option

UFS 2.1 Solution for Acute BusFinder

What's included

  • 2x UFS M-PHY way station
  • 1x UFS-tip
  • 12x SMPM cable
  • 2x ground line
  • 1x SMPM extraction tool
  • 5x con dummy board & connector
  • 2x UFS-BGA-tip
  • 1x flying lead cable (UFS)
  • 1x con fixture
  • 10x FPC end-tip / 5x connector
  • 2x micro USB 3.0

Acute BusFinder UFS2.1 Option

art : UFS2-1-Opt
€ 29 090 excl. VAT
€ 36 363 incl. VAT

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