NXP RS08 Adapter for Multilink Universal

Designed for the following architectures

PEmicro's Multilink Universal debug probe requires this RS08 adapter to allow the user to communicate with NXP's RS08 devices.

The RS08 connection otherwise remains the same, and uses the same 6-pin pinout described in the Multilink Universal technical summary.

The part number and revision of the Multilink are located on the underside label of the Multilink.

As shown in the figure above, the adapter connects to the 16-pin header (Port E) of the Multilink Universal. The adapter then offers a 6-pin header for connection to the target via ribbon cable.

Designed for the following architectures:

  • NXP RS08

Designed to work with:

  • USB-ML-UNIVERSAL, Rev. E or later

What's included

NXP RS08 Adapter for Multilink Universal 

NXP RS08 Adapter for Multilink Universal

€ 60 excl. VAT
€ 75 incl. VAT

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