PE Micro Cyclone Univers FX
Flash ISP Program | Debug

  • Devices: ARM, NXP
  • Interface: LAN, RS232, USB 2.0
  • OS: Win

Flash ISP, Debug and Test

Cyclone FX stand-alone programmer supports a wide range of ARM Cortex and NXP processor families.

PE Micro Cyclone Univers FX
Flash ISP Program | Debug

  • Devices: ARM, NXP
  • Interface: LAN, RS232, USB 2.0
  • OS: Win

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More information


ConnectionsEthernet, USB, and Serial communications interfaces
Communication speedup to 25Mb/s
Display4.3” Touchscreen LCD
Storage1GB encrypted internal memory
Expandable memory via SD portYes
Limit to number of imagesUnlimited
Target powerMulti-voltage support for targets ranging from 1.6 to 5.2 Volt
Voltage protection supportYes
Allows switching of the target’s power supplyYes

Product information

Device supportCYCLONE_UNIVERSAL_FX covers the ARM Cortex devices as well as the following NXP device families:

  • Kinetis
  • LPC
  • S32
  • Qorivva (MPC5xxx)
  • MPC5xx/8xx
  • DSC
  • S12Z
  • RS08
  • S08
  • HC08
  • HC(S)12(X)
  • Coldfire
Multiple Communications InterfacesUSB 2.0 (High-Speed), Ethernet and serial interfaces.
Extended Security Features
  • Anti-tamper technology
  • Internal memory protection & encryption
  • Limit number of programming operations
  • Limit programming to a date range
High Speed Target CommunicationsThe Cyclone FX improves on the already fast target communications speed of the Cyclone and is capable of speeds up to 25Mb/s.
1 GB On-Board StorageThe Cyclone FX may be pre-programmed with up to 1 GB internal memory with non-volatile programming images and controlled via the touchscreen LCD, start button or remotely from a PC (serial, USB, ethernet). Stand-alone programming operation does not require a PC.
Power SwitchingAllows switching of the target's power supply via Cyclone FX "power-in" and "power-out" jacks. On-board electromechanical relays handle the power switching. Power can also be provided to the target via the debug connection.
Multiple Image SupportMultiple programming images may be stored in Cyclone FX memory.
Serial Number ProgrammingThe Cyclone FX can program dynamic data, such as serial numbers.
Touchscreen LCD DisplayThe 4.3" touchscreen display, in conjunction with the status LEDs and Start button allows stand-alone control and configuration of the Cyclone FX.
FunctionalityMay be used as a high speed debug probe via Ethernet, USB or Serial.

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