Protek G632
Tracking Generator Option

Tracking Generator for 7830 Analyzers

This Tracking Generator G632 which is an option to the Protek 7830 Handheld Spectrum analyzer allows even more flexibility in its application and performance.

What's included

  • G632

Protek G632
Tracking Generator Option

art : G632
€ 532 excl. VAT
€ 665 incl. VAT

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More information


Range30MHz to 2.9GHz
Measurement range-55dBm to -65dBm (5 dBm steps)
Amplitude unitsdBm
RF input connectorN type connector

Product information

OverviewThe G632 is basically a sweep generator in which the sweep rate is matched to that of the spectrum analyzer. The output circuitry of the tracking generator contains a network that ensures a constant output amplitude over the entire range being swept.
  • Field Wireless Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • General field use for Communications Installation and Maintenance
  • Cable installation and Maintenance
  • RFID Tag RF Strength Measurement
  • Jammer (for hospital, theater and military) Performance Test
  • Satellite Antenna installation and Maintenance
  • Tapping, Hidden Camera Detection

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