Total Phase 34-Pin Split Cable

34-Pin Split Cable

This cable attaches to the ribbon cable end directly on the Promira Serial Platform and allows you to connect any of the 34 Promira platform pins to your target.

What's included

  • 34-Pin Colored Split Cable

Total Phase 34-Pin Split Cable

art : TP510410
€ 63 excl. VAT
€ 79 incl. VAT

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More information


Circuits (Loaded)34
Circuits (maximum) 34
Color - Resin Black
Durability (mating cycles max) 100
Flammability 94V-0
Gender Female
Glow-Wire Compliant No
Lock to Mating Part Yes
Material - Metal Copper Alloy
Material - Plating Mating Gold
Material - Resin Polyester
Net Weight 1.896/g
Number of Rows 2
Packaging Type Tray
Panel Mount No
Pitch - Mating Interface 2.00mm
Polarized to Mating Part Yes
Stackable No
Temperature Range - Operating -20°C to +85°C
Termination Interface: Style IDT or Pierce
Wire Size AWG 28
Current - Maximum per Contact 1A
Voltage - Maximum125V

Product information

  • Don't have space for a 2x17, 0.079 inch (2.00 mm) pitch header on your test board?, Want to make use of a header that doesn't have the same pin-out as the Promira™ Serial Platform ribbon cable?
  • Don't want to create an adapter board to interface with your target?

The 34-Pin Split Cable is the ideal solution for you. This cable attaches to the ribbon cable end directly on the Promira Serial Platform and allows you to connect any of the 34 Promira platform pins to your target. If the leads are impractical for your application, grabber clip ends are available.

Unless you have standardized on the 34-pin header, this is a must have accessory if you need supplemental power for your embedded project (Promira platform pins 22 and 24 offer an additional 100 mA of power for your board, above the 100mA already available via pins 4 and 6), or intend to use any of the advanced functionality optionally available with your Promira Serial Platform, such as eSPI, dual or quad I/O SPI.
FeaturesThe 34-Pin Split Cable has a 34-pin box header that attaches to the Promira Serial Platform. Each individual lead has a different color and is labeled with the pin name so that they are easily identifiable.

The connector is a standard 2x17, 0.079 inches (2.00 mm) pitch IDC type keyed box connector. Each individual lead is terminated with a single pin crimp connector designed to receive a 0.025 inch pin. The cable is only 6 inches (15.2 cm) long to minimize signal degradation.
Individual LeadsEach lead is color coded and has a small label to indicate which lead is associated with which pin. The lead pin-out is shown as a picture above.
Universal UsesThe 34-Pin Split Cable is an incredibly useful tool that will save you from having to create or purchase adapter boards for your Promira Serial Platform. Although it is labeled with the Promira Serial Platform specific pinout, this split cable is universally adaptable to a variety of applications.

This split cable will connect to the Promira Serial Platform 2x17, 0.079" (2.00 mm) pitch connector and provide 34 individual 0.025" labelled female leads.

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