Total Phase eSPI Analysis Application

  • Protocol: eSPI

Monitor eSPI Communication

The eSPI Analysis Application is the first eSPI sniffer in the industry. With this application you will be able to monitor eSPI communication between multiple eSPI devices.

What's included

  • The eSPI Analysis Application is a download that runs on your Promira Serial Platform unit. Once you have purchased a Promira Serial Platform, you'll be able to instantly download and add new applications as they become available.
  • All applications include one full year of software maintenance. As long as your software maintenance is current, you can take advantage of our five-star support. Any time you purchase a new application for your Promira Serial Platform, we'll automatically extend the software maintenance for all applications that have current maintenance support (applications that are out of support do not receive this benefit, so it's always best to keep the maintenance current on your applications). That means if you purchase one new application per year, all your applications will be eligible for software support.

Total Phase eSPI Analysis Application

  • Protocol: eSPI

art : TP601010
€ 1 500 excl. VAT
€ 1 875 incl. VAT

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More information


Target Bus Interface 
eSPI Master/SlaveYes
Support for single, dual and quad I/OYes
Clock speedsUp to 66MHZ
Host Bus Interface 
USB 2.0 Micro B receptacleYes
10/100/1000 Ethernet receptacleYes

Product information

Please NoteThis is an application that requires installation on the Promira Serial Platform.
  • Monitor communication between a master and slaves on data lines
  • Support for single, dual and quad I/O
  • Support for clock speeds up to 66MHz
  • Monitor up to 5 channels (peripheral, virtual wire, OOB, Flash, Independent)
  • Monitor up to 2 slave select lines
  • Monitor 2 alert lines
  • Monitor 2 reset lines

When used in conjunction with the Data Center Software you will be able to capture and display eSPI bus data in true real time through the Promira Serial Platform. Total Phase provides the only protocol analysis software in the industry with true real-time performance and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

While eSPI utilizes the physical interface designed for SPI, including the master-multi slave topology and data sampling rules with respect to clock, the similarity ends there!

Figure 1. SPI bus: single master and single slave (Image reproduced from Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI))

eSPI has a transaction layer on top of this, which defines a packet based protocol. Data Center is a world-class capture and display visualization tool to help accelerate your eSPI development.

The purchase of your eSPI Analisys Application includes one year of support, allowing you to download any updates for this application for 12 months after purchase.
LiveDisplay TechnologyView eSPI traffic as it is generated on the bus in true real time. Shorten debugging and development time by seeing data as they happens.
LiveFilter ToolFilter for and against specific indices, errors, endpoints, device addresses, PIDs, data patterns, and more. Seamlessly switch between filtered and non-filtered views with a single click.
LiveSearch ToolFind text, hexadecimal, and ASCII data quickly. Easily locate bus events, data patterns, and more.
Hierarchical ViewData displayed in easy-to-read tree view format. Enhanced readability with data intuitively grouped into expandable and collapsible transactions.

Figure 3: Pin out for Promira Serial Platform configured for eSPI

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