Trycom TRP-C34R

TRP-C34R 4 RS232/422/485 Serial Server provides a transparent way of connecting Serial devices over Ethernet. It can transmit data between the Serial and Ethernet interfaces bi-directionally. To establish automatic or remote data acquisition.

By specifying the IP address and the TCP Port number, a host computer can access different Serial Devices such as Serial Modems, Serial Thermometers, Magnetic Card Readers, Barcode Scanners, Data Acquisition Systems, POS Terminals, Industrial PCs etc., over the Network, you can centralize Serial Device management and distribute the management to different hosts at the same time. TRP-C34R Serial Server makes possible to access distant Serial Devices over Network as if they were directly connected to the Standard COM Port of a Personal Computer.

Trycom TRP-C34R

art : TRP-C34R
€ 250 excl. VAT
€ 313 incl. VAT

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CPU32 bit 580MHZ with MMU
Power Input Voltage
DC +9V to +24V
TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-
Data+, Data-
Data Rate75~230.4Kbps
Data Bits
5, 6, 7 or 8
Stop Bits
1, 2
Serial interface
+/-15 KV ESD
RS422/485 interface
Surge, over current, over voltage protection
Power supply
Screw terminal, or standard external DC adapter
Power consumption
12V/400 mA
224(L)*107(W)*33(H) /mm
400g (W/Packing)

Product information

TRP-C34R Serial Server supports different modes of operation allowing user to operate the system in different environments:
Virtual COM ModeTRP-C34R Serial Server comes equipped with COM drivers that work with Windows OS. The driver establishes a transparent connection between host and serial device by mapping the IP: Port Number of the TRP-C34R’s Serial Port to a local COM Port on the host computer. The important point is that Real COM Mode allows users to continue using RS-232/422/485 serial communications software like HyperTerminal and similar applications.
TCP Server ModeIn TCP Server mode, TRP-C34R Serial Server provides a unique IP: Port address on a TCP/IP network. TRP-C34R Serial Server waits passively to be contacted by the host computer, allowing the host computer to establish a connection with and get data from the serial device. This operating mode supports up to 4 simultaneous connections, so that multiple hosts can collect data from the same serial device - at the same time.
TCP Client ModeIn TCP Client mode, TRP-C34R Serial Server can actively establish a TCP connection to a pre-defined host computer when serial data arrives. After the data has been transferred, TRP-C34R Serial Server can automatically disconnect from the host computer by using the TCP alive check time or Inactivity time settings. This Operating Mode supports establishing the TCP connection up to 4 Destination Hosts.
UDP ModeCompared to TCP communication, UDP is faster and more efficient. In UDP mode, you can multicast data from the serial device to multiple host computers, and the serial device can also receive data from multiple host computers, making this mode ideal for message display applications.
  • Wide input range DC power supply
  • Supports Socket operation modes like TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP using TCP/IP and UDP protocols
  • Support Auto-MDIX twisted pair crossover detection and auto-correction
  • Each Port maximum connection 4 host PC at TCP Server and TCP Client Mode
  • Maximum allowed bandwidth is 230.4 Kbps per Serial Port
  • Supports Web Console, Telnet Console
  • Runs in Stand Alone Mode
  • Built in Restore Factory default push button
  • Features Accessible Imps List to add or remove “legal” remote host IP Addresses to prevent unauthorized access to Serial Server
  • Features Auto IP Address Report to periodically report the IP Address of Serial Server to the assigned Host on Network
  • Auto direction RS485 flow control by hardware
  • Surge protection and over current and over voltage on RS-422/485 data lines
  • Virtual COM drivers for Windows
  • Fully compatible with Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol
  • Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Power/Link and 4 pair Serial RX/TX mode LED indicator
  • Support screw terminal and standard external DC power adaptor
  • Panel mounts and Din-Rail support

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