Trycom TRP-C68
A/D Converter

8 Channels A/D Converter

TRP-C68, an 8-channel analog to digital converter (ADC), takes an analog input signal and converts the input into a digital output signal. It accepts analog input-a voltage or a current-and support the sample rate in “ Normal ” or “Fast” mode. All channels feature screw terminals for convenient connection, and LED’s to indicate channel status. All inputs are provided with isolation and surge protection to protect the module against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences.

What's included

  • Main unit (Power supply not included)
  • Software CD

Trycom TRP-C68
A/D Converter

art : TRP-C68
€ 180 excl. VAT
€ 225 incl. VAT

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More information


Resolution16 bit
Sample rateNormal mode: 10 sample/sec (24 bit). Fast mode: 60 sample/sec (16 bit).
BandwithNormal mode: 15.72Hz. Fast mode: 78.72Hz.
Zero drift0.03uV/C
Span drift25 ppm/C
AccuracyNormal: 0.1 or better. Fast: 0.5 or better.
Analog input rangeVoltage:±10V,±5V,±2.5V,±1.25V,±650mV. Current +/-20mA.
CMRR92 db min/50/60Hz
Analog input over voltage protection+/-35V
RS-485 connectorIndustrial plug-in screw terminal
Communication InterfaceRS485,2 wires
LED indicatorPower and Communication
Transmission distance4000ft (1200M)
SpeedFrom 1.2K to 115.2Kbps
Power consumption1.2W
Power requirementDC input from +10 to 30 V
Operating environment-10 to 50°C
Storage temperature-20 to 60°C
Humidity10-90% Non-condensing
Dimension (mm)151 x 75 x 26

Product information

OverviewTRP-C68 support both ASCII and Modbus protocol, with a full set of command, dual watch-dog, and auto reset function the module can be remote controlled by PC in ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Support ASCII and Modbus RTU protocol
  • All channels can input analog signal by voltage or current
  • Baud rate from 1.2Kbps to 115.2Kbps
  • Surge protection on RS-485 interface
  • LED display to indicate power and communication status
  • Dual Watchdog for hardware reset circuit and host operating status
  • External switch for hardware and module’s configuration
  • Wide input range DC power supply
  • Support screw terminal and external DC power adaptor

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