Ikalogic IkaScope WS200
WIFI portable oscilloscope

  • Interface: WiFi
  • OS: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Win

Wireless Oscilloscope In Your Hand

IkaScope WS200 is a WIFI enabled, portable oscilloscope in single probe. Weighs less than 60g and is designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Thanks to ProbeClick®, IkaScope knows when to measure and when to hold. Use with a smartphone, a tablet or a computer and works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.

What's included

  • IkaScope WS200
  • Ground connection probe
  • Protective cap
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide

Ikalogic IkaScope WS200
WIFI portable oscilloscope

  • Interface: WiFi
  • OS: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Win

art : WS200
€ 249 excl. VAT
€ 311 incl. VAT

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More information


Sampling rate (MAX.)200 MSPS
Rise time (calculated)12 ns
Input channels1
Sampling memory4 Kpts
Bandwidth30 MHz (up to 50 MHz dep on voltage setting)
Waveform update rate250 fps
Time base accuracy+/- 2.5%
Input impedance1MOhm || 14 pF
Vertical resolution8 bits
Max input voltage80Vpp (+/- 40V)
DC vertical gain accuracy+/- 3% full scale
CouplingDC/AC (True)
Input protection253 VAC 1 minute
Input to USB isolation1100 VAC 1 minute
Built-in battery420 mAH
Communication interfaceWIFI 802.11 b/g/n/e/i, 2.4 GHz Access Point or Station

Product information

In Short
  • Galvanic isolation even when USB charged.
  • 200 MSPS for a 30 MHz bandwidth and 4 Kpts memory.
  • Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS.
  • 1 week battery life (20 measurements per day), Patented ProbeClick® technology.
GeneralIkaScope WS200 integrates a full featured analog front end, a digital processing stage and a WIFI module. First, measured signals are conditioned, then converted to digital values via a high speed 8-bits ADC. Finally, a digital processing stage streams the captured signal frames over a high speed WIFI link to a tablet, smartphone or computer.
ProbeClickPatented ProbeClick® technology transforms the probe tip into an intelligent part of the oscilloscope: The probe detects when pressure is applied or released, allowing measurement to be automatically started and stopped without the need of traditional RUN/STOP button. This also allows important power saving since all power consuming circuitry is in stand-by when a measurement is not in progress.
  • Onsite maintenance and inspection.
  • Isolated measurements
  • Design troubleshooting
  • Education and research
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
WIFISince IkaScope is designed to be used in the office and in the field, both Station and AP WIFI modes are supported. In other words, IkaScope may as well connect to your office or home network (when configured to do so) or may create its own Wifi Access Point to which another display device may connect.

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