LabNation SmartScope
Oscilloscope SW Development

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • OS: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Win

Tablet Oscilloscope & Logic Analyzer

New generation mobile oscilloscope. Runs on all major platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. Aluminium casing complete with digital and analog probes. Runs on tablets, laptops and smartphones.

What's included

  • 1 x SmartScope with 1M sample buffer
  • 2 x Analog probes
  • 1 x Digital probe cable
  • 1 x Mini B USB cable

LabNation SmartScope
Oscilloscope SW Development

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  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • OS: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Win

art : smartscope
€ 159 excl. VAT € 229
€ 199 incl. VAT € 286

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30 MHz -3dB point
Sample rate
2 × 100 MS/s
Max pre-trigger position
16 × full scale
Max post-trigger position
Full scale
Max full voltage scale
10V/div ±35V input range
Min full voltage scale
Analog input range
-35V, +35V
Max input peak-to-peak
Signal coupling
Precision8 bit
Input impedance1 MOhm // 10 pF
Waverforms200 waveforms/s
Data delay to host< 10ms
Sample depth
Up to 4 million samples per channel
External trigger

Logic Analyzer

Input channels
Input impedance
100kOhm // 2pF to GND
Sample rate
100 MS/s
Logic level3,3 V or 5 V
Diode protectionBidirectional
Input data buffer
4 million samples
Waveforms200 waveforms/s
Data delay to host< 10ms
Protocol decodersI2C, SPI, UART integrated. User extensible

Wave Generator

Output channels4 Digital + 1 Analog
Data rateUp to 50 MS/s Digital (Up to 50 MS/s Analog)
Output level
3,3 V or 5 V selectable (0 - 3,3 V Opamp driven Analog)
Output bufferUp to 2048 samples
Max slew rate (analog)30ns/V
Step (analog)
13 mV


110,0 mm
64,0 mm
24,2 mm
Weight158 g


Device - HostMini USB cable included
Record waveformsStore Matlab (.mat) or Excel (.csv) files through dropbox
BNC 2 probes included
Digital8 × 0,1" pitch, probes included
SyncUSB micro B-B
USB micro B optional

Product information

MobileLiberated from the wall outlet, you can take the SmartScope on the road. A single cable turns your tablet, laptop or smartphone into an oscilloscope.
Evolved. Finally.We challenged the century old interface dials and knobs and redesigned it from scratch. Adopting today's app interfaces is probably the biggest leap forward.
Cross-platformThe only scope in the world that runs on all major platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS (jailbroken). Connect the SmartScope to pretty much any device!
Fully EquippedEach SmartScope comes in a sturdy laser-engraved aluminium casing, together with all accessories you need to get started. Analog probes, digital grabbers, USB cables: it’s all included.

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